The Big Five

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The Big five is the term you use in Africa to describe the five animals, which is known for being the most difficult animals to abolish. The name does not refer to the size of the animals, but to the fact that hunters need to have courage and ingenuity to shoot down the animals.



The African elephant fits the name and is one of the biggest animals on dryland. The elephant weighs up to 7 ton and is mostly seen in major groups, which make the hunting even more difficult. 



The rhinoceros is related to the threaten white rhinoceros, which live in many different places in Africa. The rhinoceros is an aggressive animal, which is one of the reasons why you find it on the list. 



The African buffalo is a gregarious animal that can weigh up to 800 kg and lives in most areas in Africa. The buffalo is known for its hot-headed temperament and has almost no enemies, as it is very good at self defends. 



The lion is known for being one of the biggest and most dangerous felines in the world. It can weight up to 300 kg and is one of the most famous predatory in Africa where it has made a mark with its majestical expression. 



The leopard is one of the more ordinary animals you will find in the African savanna. It is adaptable in the different environments, where it has very few enemies have because it is often very difficult to spot. 


If you are interested in challenging your courage and ingenuity as a hunter, we can arrange a hunt on one or more on the above-mentioned animals. Contact us and let us know what your wishes for. 

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See all the great and fantastic trophies that our guests have acquired at their stay at Malpepo. We are proud to say, that 80% of the trophies from Malpepo Safaries have been in the medal class.

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The team behind our family business Malpepo Safaris does not only offer great hunting experiences and safaris with luxurious accomodation but a very personalized and dedicated service that is second to none. We are professional hunters certified by the SA government and have many years of experience.

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